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When you're a business owner, you know that disaster can happen anytime. But with the right insurance coverage, even the worst disaster is just a bump in the road. Summit Insurance Agency will help you put together a plan that covers accident, loss, or damage.


We offer the lowest rates on the market and FREE quotes.

Find complete coverage for your assets, your building, even your employees:

- General liability

- Worker's comp

- Business auto

- Transfer trucks

Complete insurance coverage

How do we get our clients the best deals? We do it by taking the time to customize every plan to your needs, so you get everything you want and nothing that you don't.


Call us to get the right insurance plan for you!

Personalized service

Our experienced team will guide you through every clause and every contract. We have the knowledge you need to make sure you're fully covered.

The experts in business coverage

Meeting your comprehensive business insurance needs